Uganda reopens church owned radio station after years of turmoil

Uganda reopens church owned radio station after years of turmoil


An Anglican church in Uganda has reopened its radio station in the wake of years of tension ove바카라사이트r ownership.

The church, known locally as St John’s Church of Uganda, was a major part of the country’s struggle to emerge from a decades-long civil war and was targeted by armed groups during the 1980s.

A new parish called Loyanga Church of Uganda has been built in its place, making it the country’s first parish church for Anglicans.

The Anglican church lost its parish, which had stood for more than 30 years, to an armed militia for two weeks in 2011 after members of the group stormed its church.

The church’s president and parishioners were killed in the attack.

The church’s original church property was looted, looted and eventually burned.

The church has survived the attacks.

In a statement, its founder James Ogokwe told a news conference that the church, which has served over 700,000 people in the country, and had more than 100,000 members, had taken extraordinary바카라 steps in order to rebuild its radio station.

He said the parish, which had been used as a military base for armed men, had been targeted by a Ugandan national called Samueli Mlade-Gbaya in 2012 and 2013.

Mr Ogokwe said he expected the church and church property to be rebuilt within weeks.

“The reason for this was that one of the soldiers who was responsible for looting it was in jail and had been given 20 years, so the church had the chance to restore the parish,” he said.

“I know there will be some problems with that, to use one of the most sacred churches in the world as a stage for war that happened in our name, but we are not going to leave this for 20 years,” he said.

The congregation of about 500 has nnatyasastra.comow been moved to a remote part of the western province of Eastern Zaire, as the church is expected to be restored within a year, Mr Ogokwe said.

Bishop Jomo Asege, a Ugandan official said the church’s radio station would not be closed but would be “permanently and permanently” disowned.

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