Council opposes mosque bid

Council opposes mosque bid

At a news conference Tuesday, a committee chairwoman who spoke out against the mosque’s planned opening said she planned to file a complaint against a second-floor office belonging to the Calgary City Council.

Gerta Zellner-Gardner’s group seeking an opinion from a city planner about whether to cancel the project that would transform a converted fire station at 2300 and 2300 Street S.W. into a “temporary mosque.”

The mosque would be fun바카라사이트ded with funds approved by the city, but not with money from the public sector. The mosque’s site at 2300 Street S.W. is close to a transit stop, but Zellner-Gardner’s group says that could cause “discrepancies” as traffic congestion between two of Canada’s busiest thoroughfares.

A city planner can make or break an application, said Zellner-Gardner, who supports a city-led review if it’s possible.

Citizen complaints committee chairperson Mary-Louise Soutare asked the city to drop its objections and let the mosque open under an exemption the city says can’t be rescinded if no community objection exists. She is expected to present her proposal on Tuesday.

“The city can’t stop [the mosque] from opening. It’s a tempor바카라사이트ary structure until the project comes to an end,” she said Tuesday.

City staff has received 10 community complaints about the mosque so far, said Soutare. “They’re all under 30 pages… and it will be a while before we have any additional submissions.”

The first of those 15, or 30, concerns is from a local resident who’s lived in the West End all his life.

“The main concern I have is the safety of children and adults, not only those who are Muslim but everyone in this neighbourhood,” he wrote in an email to Calgary Herald Media.

His request was included in a report prepared by city staff that includes concerns from the community.

The city would still have to grant it the exemption and could rescind that decision if the mosque is not approved, said a spokeswoman from city planning. She declined to elaborate on the process by which the exemption is revoked and the public’s right to be informed on future plans are guaranteed.

The city is also trying to understand which zoning exemptions are required to open a private development in the city, she said.

“We’re looking at all types of exemptions… whether i

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